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Zollh&oumlfer, Michael

Michael Zollhöfer

MPI Informatics
Saarland Informatics Campus
Building E1.4, Office 219
D-66123 Saarbrücken

Email: mzollhoef-at-mpi-inf.mpg.de
Phone: +49 681 9325 4019

Michael Zollhöfer works as a Post Doctoral Researcher in computer vision and computer graphics at the Graphics, Vision & Video Group headed by Prof. Christian Theobalt. He received his PhD from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg for his work on real-time non-rigid reconstruction.

During his PhD, he developed a data-parallel variant of Gauss-Newton that exploits modern graphics hardware. This non-linear solver enables the real-time solution of a wide range of computer graphics and computer vision problems, such as non-rigid tracking, shading-based refinement, intrinsic decomposition, bundle adjustment, multi-projection mapping and facial reenactment. His GPU solver is also the back end of a domain specific optimization language. In addition, his research interests include: face tracking from monocular video, high-quality inverse rendering, real-time hand-object tracking and template-free deformable reconstruction.

He is reviewing for the top journals and conferences:


Real-time Halfway Domain Reconstruction of Motion and Geometry

L. Thies M. Zollhöfer C. Richardt C. Theobalt G. Greiner

Proc. of the International Conference on 3D Vision 2016   —   3DV 2016

We present a novel approach for real-time joint reconstruction of 3D scene motion and geometry from binocular stereo videos.

[paper], [supplemental], [video], [project page]

Real-time Joint Tracking of a Hand Manipulating an Object from RGB-D Input

S. Sridhar F. Mueller M. Zollhöfer D. Casas A. Oulasvirta C. Theobalt

Proc. of the European Conference on Computer Vision 2016   —   ECCV 2016

We propose a real-time solution for joint tracking of a hand and a manipulated object using only a single commodity RGB-D camera.

[paper], [supplemental], [video], [data], [project page]

VolumeDeform: Real-time Volumetric Non-rigid Reconstruction

M. Innmann M. Zollhöfer M. Nießner C. Theobalt M. Stamminger

Proc. of the European Conference on Computer Vision 2016   —   ECCV 2016

We present a novel approach for the reconstruction of dynamic geometric shapes using a single hand-held consumer-grade RGB-D sensor at real-time rates.

[paper], [supplemental], [video], [data], [project page]

Opt: A Domain Specific Language for Non-linear Least Squares Optimization in Graphics and Imaging

Z. DeVito M. Mara M. Zollhöfer G. Bernstein J. Ragan-Kelley C. Theobalt P. Hanrahan M. Fisher M. Nießner

arXiv 2016

We propose a new language, Opt, in which a user simply writes energy functions over image- or graph-structured unknowns, and a compiler automatically generates state-of-the-art GPU optimization kernels.

[arXiv], [project page]

Live Intrinsic Video

A. Meka M. Zollhöfer C. Richardt C. Theobalt

ACM Transactions on Graphics 2016 (TOG)   —   SIGGRAPH 2016

We present a novel variational approach to tackle the underconstrained intrinsic video decomposition problem at real-time frame rates enabling on-line processing of live video footage.

[pdf], [video], [additional video], [talk], [data], [project page]

BundleFusion: Real-time Globally Consistent 3D Reconstruction using Online Surface Re-integration

A. Dai M. Nießner M. Zollhöfer S. Izadi C.Theobalt

arXiv 2016

We propose a novel, real-time, end-to-end RGB-D reconstruction framework that has a global pose optimization strategy at its core.

[arXiv], [video], [data], [project page]

Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos

J. Thies M. Zollhöfer M. Stamminger C. Theobalt M. Nießner

Proc. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2016   —   CVPR 2016

We present a novel approach for real-time facial reenactment of a monocular target video sequence (e.g., Youtube video). The source sequence is also a monocular video stream, captured live with a commodity webcam.

[pdf], [supplemental], [video], [talk], [poster], [project page]

Reconstruction of Personalized 3D Face Rigs from Monocular Video

P. Garrido M. Zollhöfer D. Casas L. Valgaerts K. Varanasi P. Perez C. Theobalt

ACM Transactions on Graphics 2016 (TOG)   —   SIGGRAPH 2016

We present a novel approach for the automatic creation of a personalized high-quality 3D face rig of an actor from just monocular video data, e.g. vintage movies.

[pdf], [supplemental pdf], [video], [additional video], [talk], [project page]

Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment

J. Thies M. Zollhöfer M. Nießner L. Valgaerts M. Stamminger C. Theobalt

ACM Transactions on Graphics 2015 (TOG)   —   SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015

We present a method for the real-time transfer of facial expressions from an actor in a source video to an actor in a target video, thus enabling the ad-hoc control of the facial expressions of the target actor.

[pdf], [video], [talk], [project page]

Real-Time Pixel Luminance Optimization for Dynamic Multi-Projection Mapping

C. Siegl M. Colaianni L. Thies J. Thies M. Zollhöfer S. Izadi M. Stamminger F. Bauer

ACM Transactions on Graphics 2015 (TOG)   —   SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015

We present a real-time solution for smooth blending across multiple projectors using a new optimization framework that simulates the diffuse direct light transport of the physical world.

[pdf], [video], [project page]

Real-Time Reconstruction of Static and Dynamic Scenes

M. Zollhöfer

PhD Thesis (Published by Dr. Hut)

We present new techniques and algorithms for building three-dimensional representations of arbitrary objects, manually editing the reconstructions and tracking their non-rigid motion at real-time rates.

[pdf], [talk], [project page]

Shading-based Refinement on Volumetric Signed Distance Functions

M. Zollhöfer A. Dai M. Innmann C. Wu M. Stamminger C.Theobalt M. Nießner

ACM Transactions on Graphics 2015 (TOG)   —   SIGGRAPH 2015

We present a novel method to obtain fine-scale detail in 3D reconstructions generated with low-budget RGB-D cameras or other commodity scanning devices.

[pdf], [video], [talk], [data], [project page]

Low-Cost Real-Time 3D Reconstruction of Large-Scale Excavation Sites

M. Zollhöfer, C. Siegl, M. Vetter, B. Dreyer, M. Stamminger, S. Aybek, F. Bauer

Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage 2015   —   JOCCH 2015

The 3D reconstruction of archeological sites is expensive and a time-consuming task. In this article, we present a novel approach to 3D reconstruction and compare to a standard photogrammetry pipeline.

[pdf], [video], [project page]

Real-time Shading-based Refinement for Consumer Depth Cameras

C. Wu, M. Zollhöfer, M. Nießner, M. Stamminger, S. Izadi, C.Theobalt

ACM Transactions on Graphics 2014 (TOG)   —   SIGGRAPH ASIA 2014

We present the first real-time method for refinement of depth data using shape-from-shading in general uncontrolled scenes.

[pdf], [video], [talk], [project page]

Interactive Model-based Reconstruction of the Human Head
using an RGB-D Sensor

M. Zollhöfer, J. Thies, M. Colaianni, M. Stamminger, G. Greiner

Journal Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds 2014   —   CASA 2014

We present a novel method for the interactive markerless reconstruction of human heads using a single commodity RGB-D sensor.

[pdf], [video], [talk], [project page]

Real-time Non-rigid Reconstruction using an RGB-D Camera

M. Zollhöfer, M. Nießner, S. Izadi, C. Rehmann, C. Zach, M. Fisher, C. Wu, A. Fitzgibbon,
C. Loop, C.Theobalt, M. Stamminger

ACM Transactions on Graphics 2014 (TOG)   —   SIGGRAPH 2014

We present a combined hardware and software solution for markerless reconstruction of non-rigidly deforming physical objects with arbitrary shape in real-time.

[pdf], [supplemental], [video], [talk], [project page]

Low-Cost Real-Time 3D Reconstruction of Large-Scale
Excavation Sites using an RGB-D Camera

M. Zollhöfer, B. Riffelmacher, M. Vetter, B. Dreyer, M. Stamminger, F. Bauer

EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage 2014   —   GCH 2014

In this paper, we present an end-to-end pipeline for the online reconstruction of large-scale excavation sites using an RGB-D camera.

[pdf], [video], [talk], [project page]

Real-time 3D Reconstruction at Scale using Voxel Hashing

M. Nießner, M. Zollhöfer, S. Izadi, M. Stamminger

ACM Transactions on Graphics 2013 (TOG)   —   SIGGRAPH ASIA 2013

We contribute an online system for large and fine scale volumetric reconstruction based on a memory and speed efficient data structure.

[pdf], [video], [short video], [talk], [code], [project page]

Pseudo-Skeleton based ARAP Mesh Deformation

M. Zollhöfer, A. Vieweg, J. Süßmuth, G. Greiner

Proceedings of Computer Animation and Social Agents 2013 (Short Papers)   —   CASA 2013

In this work, we present a handle-based direct manipulation paradigm that builds upon a pseudo-skeleton with bones that are allowed to stretch and twist.

[pdf], [video], [talk], [project page]

Visualization and Deformation Techniques for Entertainment
and Training in Cultural Heritage

M. Zollhöfer, J. Süßmuth, F. Bauer, M. Stamminger, M. Boss

Image and Signal Processing and Analysis 2013   —   ISPA 2013

We think that state-of-the-art techniques in computer graphics and geometry processing can be leveraged in training and entertainment to make the topic of cultural heritage more accessible to a wider audience.

[pdf], [video], [talk], [project page]

GPU based ARAP Deformation using Volumetric Lattices

M. Zollhöfer, E. Sert, G. Greiner, J. Süßmuth

Eurographics 2012 (Short Papers)   —   EG 2012

We present a novel lattice based direct manipulation paradigm (LARAP) for mesh editing that decouples the runtime complexity from the mesh’s geometric complexity.

[pdf], [video], [talk], [project page]

Automatic Reconstruction of Personalized Avatars from 3D Face Scans

M. Zollhöfer, M. Martinek, G. Greiner, M. Stamminger, J. Süßmuth

Journal Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds 2011   —   CASA 2011

We present a simple algorithm for computing a high quality personalized avatar from a single color image and the corresponding depth map which have been captured by Microsoft’s Kinect sensor.

[pdf], [video], [talk], [project page]

Meshless Hierarchical Radiosity on the GPU

M. Zollhöfer, M. Stamminger

Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2011   —   VMV 2011

In this paper, we analyze the bottlenecks of meshless radiosity and examine the possibilities for an efficient and parallel implementation on the GPU.

[pdf], [video], [talk], [poster], [project page]

Animation Transplantation

J. Süßmuth, M. Zollhöfer, G. Greiner

Journal Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds 2010   —   CASA 2010

We present a novel method to animate a static geometry by cloning a captured animation sequence.

[pdf], [video], [project page]