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Ellen Fries

Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
SECRETARIAT D4: Computer Graphics
Campus E1 4, Room 202
Saarland Informatics Campus
66123 Saarbrücken
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PLEASE ONLY USE THIS E-MAIL ADDRESS: (Secretariat: Asadi, Budde)
+49 681 9325-4000 (Secretariat)

Positions at MPI

  • May 2021 - Sep 2021:
    Secretariat D6 - associated
  • February 2009 - Sep 2021:
    Secretariat D4
  • November 2008 - 2009:
    Secretariat IST
  • 2007 - October 2008
    Secretariat FG1: Prof. Tobias Scheffer
  • March 2002 - 2007
    Secretariat NWG 1-3: Bruno Blanchet, Fritz Eisenbrand, Marcus Magnor
  • March 1999 - March 2002
    Parental leave
  • February 1991 - February 1999
    Secretariat former AG2: Prof. Harald Ganzinger


About me

    I'm not coming from Friesland but from Ländle.
    I'm an old-fashioned bookworm and I do yoga.

    I'm married that's why I live here in the Saarland.
    I'm mother of three kids that's why I work part-time.
    I'm mother of pupils that's why I'm never in in the afternoon and often not during school holidays.
    Oops, now I'm mother of students.
    But I'm so used to work part-time that I'm still not in after 1 pm.

    I'm a Medical Documentalist.
    In 1984-1989 I managed clinical trials for a japanese pharmaceutical company.
    In 1989-1991 I worked in the secretariat of the scientific department of a german pharmaceutical company. My work area comprised the in-house database and archive.