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STXXL: Standard Template Library for XXL Data Sets. Roman Dementiev, Lutz Kettner, and Peter Sanders. In: Proc. of the 13th Annu. European Sympos. Algorithms (ESA'05), Mallorca, Spain. LNCS 3669, Springer, pp. 640-651, October, 2005.


We present a software library STXXL, that enables practice-oriented experimentation with huge data sets. STXXL is an implementation of the C++ standard template library STL for external memory computations. It supports parallel disks, overlapping between I/O and computation, and pipelining technique that can save more than half of the I/Os. STXXL has already been used for computing minimum spanning trees, connected components, breadth-first search decompositions, constructing suffix arrays, and computing social network analysis metrics.

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