PhD projects in Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Graphics

University of Bath, UK 2017


We are looking for candidates for 3.5-year PhD positions in machine learning, computer vision, and computer graphics at the University of Bath.


The prospective PhD student will work with Dr. Kwang In Kim designing new machine learning algorithms to face challenges in computer vision and graphics.

Currently, our research focus lies on developing large-scale, semi-supervised, and active learning algorithms for graphics and vision applications, e.g., organizing media collections into semantically meaningful representations, and using these to allow easier search, exploration, editing, and content creation.


Applicants must have an MSc-level degree in computer science, mathematics, or statistics and have excellent mathematical skills. High proficiency in Matlab, C, or C++ is desired. Having experienced with a project in machine learning, vision, graphics, or any related areas is a plus.


Application Instructions:

The formal application instructions are available here.


Interested candidates are encouraged to send 1) a CV and 2) academic transcripts to Kwang In Kim ( AT so that he can help the candidates preparing the formal application.

Please include [PhD] in the subject line.