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Bachynskyi, Myroslav

Myroslav Bachynskyi

Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
Department 4: Computer Graphics
Campus E1 7, Room 2.02
66123 Saarbrücken

Email: Get my email address via email
Phone: +49 681 3027 1929

Since 01.04.2016:
Postdoctoral fellow
of the Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction group
at the Department of Computer Science
of the Aarhus University

Full CV: Curriculum Vitae (PDF, English)

Research Interests

I am a Human-Computer Interaction researcher at the Cluster of Excellence on “Multimodal Computing and Interaction” and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics. My research focuses on development and application of data-driven methods for the HCI tasks. Novel interaction methods such as full-body, gestural or touch interaction offer immense design space. It is impossible to compare experimentally all design alternatives and pure intuition can be misleading. I want to improve interaction methods by capturing the whole design space and formalizing its performance and ergonomics properties in a mathematical model. Then optimal interfaces can be identified computationally. I adopt optical motion capture and biomechanical simulation besides standard performance measurement methods for the HCI experiments to achieve the goal.


Is Motion-Capture-Based Biomechanical simulation valid for HCI Studies? Study and implications Informing the Design of Novel Input Methods with Muscle Coactivation Clustering Performance and Ergonomics of Touch Surfaces: A Comparative Study using Biomechanical Simulation



Workshops and works-in-progress