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TopX 2.0 Download and Installation Instructions

1. Prerequisites

Download and install recent versions of the following software packages (these are required under both Linux and Windows):

For using Maven from your command line shell, make sure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable properly points to your Java SE installation directory.

For enabling some basic Unix commands under Windows, install a recent version of Cygwin and make sure that the Cygwin bin directory is in your PATH environment.

For compiling the TopX 2.0 C++ sources under Windows, you may want to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Alternatively, TopX 2.0 can also be compiled from Cygwin (using gcc 4.3 or higher), but the two bash scripts for indexing and query processing need to be adapted in this case.

Optionally, you may want to use Eclipse as IDE for editing and compiling the source files.

2. Download

Download the TopX 2.0 sources and precompiled binaries and save the file to a local directory where you have write permissions.

3. Installation