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This README file describes the WebChild activity commonsense database: whose construction is described in CIKM 2015 paper: knowlywood.pdf , knowlywood-slides.pdf

Knowlywood contains human activity commonsense.
The compressed data (100MB) can be downloaded at The compressed file inflates into a 150MB file.


This file contains several property relations in the following format:
   Column    |       Type        | Description
 act_disambi | character varying | disambiguated activity 
                                   e.g. drive#v#1 bike#n#1
 frame       | character varying | frame name 
                                   e.g. location  
 y_disambi   | character varying | disambiguated frame value e.g. road#n#1
 score       | real              | normalized triple confidence e.g. 0.91

The details of the disambiguated synsets (e.g. bike#n#1) can be looked up at: noun.gloss.txt