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max planck institut
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Ritschel, Tobias

Dr.-Ing. Tobias Ritschel

Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
Department 4: Computer Graphics
Building 46.1
Campus E1 4
66123 Saarbrücken

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Research Interests

Interactive Global Illumination
How can graphics hardware (GPUs) be used to reproduce advanced visual phenomena such as soft shadows, indirect shadows, soft reflections, caustics or volumetric light in a perceptually plausible way?
Perceptual Graphics
How are colors, shapes, or spatial layout perceived by a human observer? How can this understanding be used to predict and consequently improve the way a humans and machines interact?
Non-physical Graphics
While physical laws define how to do render shadows or reflections "right", how to properly project a 3D scene onto a 2D image or how to deform a shape in a physical way, they sometimes are to restrictive. How can we go beyond physical laws in an appropriate way, such that a machine offers new expressive posibilities to an artist?
Data-driven Graphics
Given the vast amount of information in user-generated content online, how can classic computer graphics techniques such as rendering or shape modelling benefit from them and for which new application will they allow?


SS 2015 Lecture Ritschel Interactive Graphics using OpenGL
Lecture Slusallek/Myszkowski Realistic Image Synthesis, (13th and 16th of July)
WS 2014 Lecture Myszkowski/Ritschel/Didyk Perception for Computer Graphics
Praktikum Ritschel 3D-Rekonstruktion "Alte Schmelz", St. Ingbert
SS 2014 Seminar Ritschel Interactive Global Illumination
WS 2013 Seminar Ritschel Creative Computing
Lecture Vangorp/Myszkowski/Ritschel Perception for Computer Graphics
Praktikum Ritschel 3D-Rekonstruktion "Alte Schmelz", St. Ingbert ("aktueller bericht", SR Fernsehen, 15.04.2014.)
WS 2012 Seminar Ritschel/Reinhard/Myszkowski Applied Perception
Seminar Ihrke/Ritschel/Fritz Parallel Visual Computing
SS 2012 Seminar Thormählen/Ritschel Visual Computing Techniques for Efficient Content Production (Saarland University)
Lecture Slusallek/Myszkowski Realistic Image Synthesis, (11th and 16th of July)

Group Members

Bernhard ReinertPhD student (Constraint-based Interaction with 2D and 3D Media)
Oliver NalbachPhD student (Interactive Global Illumination)
Thomas LeimkühlerPhD student
Łukasz DąbałaVisiting Phd student
Jozef HladkyIntern
Fabian RoschyHiWi
Marc HabermannHiWi
Tobias BertelHiWi, Master student
Elena ArabadzhiyskaHiWi, Master student
Dushyant MehtaHiWi
Adam HankaMaster student
Fanyu YeHiWi
Benjamin SommerHiWi

Selected Publications

An up-to-date publicaiton list is here.

Recent Positions


Previous Group Members

Daniel ScherzerPost doc
Chuong NguyenPhD student (Advanced Perceptual Design and Depiction of Materials)
Oskar ElekPhD student (Efficient Physically-based Rendering)
Konstantinos RematasVisiting PhD student
Pablo Bauszat,Visiting PhD student
Jiri VorbaVisiting PhD student
Ondrej Karlik,Visiting PhD student
Sukumar SrikanthMaster Student
Thomas LeimkühlerMaster Student
Andreas ZinsBachelor student
Adam LaskowksiIntern

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