UW ttyp0 – Monospaced Bitmap Fonts for X11

UW ttyp0 is a family of bitmap screen fonts in bdf format. It covers most of the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet, Greek, Armenian, Georgian (only Mkhedruli), Hebrew (without cantillation marks), Thai, most of IPA (but no UPA), standard punctuation, common symbols, some mathematics, line graphics, a few dingbats, and since version 1.1 also Powerline delimiter symbols. In addition to Unicode (ISO 10646-1), about thirty 8-bit encodings (code pages) are supported.

UW ttyp0 comes in nine sizes from 6x11 to 11x22. In all of the sizes there are regular and bold versions; for some there is also an italic.

Download UW ttyp0 Version 1.2 (gzipped tar file).

Some font samples.

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Uwe Waldmann <uwe@mpi-inf.mpg.de>, 2013-08-01.