Lecture "LAN Design in Practice (2+2)" (SS 2003)

Start: 29.09., 13Uhr (1pm), HS1 Building 45


Compact lecture, 29.09.2003 - 10.10.2003.




Here are the results from the exercises. For a certificate 24 points out of 40 are needed. The certificates are available at the secretary office of Harald Ganzinger by Brigitta Hansen.
Here are the results from the exam. For a certificate 11 points out of 21.5 are needed. If you passed the exam and want a marked certificate, please contact me via email.


The written exam will take place: December, 17th, 1-2pm, Room 24 at the MPI. Please apply for participation by a short email, title "LAND EXAM" until Monday, December, 15th. No tools are allowed for exam except pencil.


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Andrew S Tannenbaum:
Computer Networks.
Prentice Hall, 2003.

Kennedy Clark, Kevin Hamilton:
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James P.G. Sterbenz, Joseph D, Touch:
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LANWorks Inc., Global Knowledge:
Understanding Networking Fundamentals.
Global Knowledge, 2002, Private Course Material.

Enterasys Networks:
Enterasys Switching 2.0.
Enterasys Networks, 2002, Private Course Material.


No examination, no mark, certifacate of completion in case of successful preparation of the exercises (>66%).


Exercise1, Exercise2, Exercise3, Exercise4, Exercise5 with drawing Exercise5pic, Exercise6.