Lecture "LAN Design in Practice (2+2)" (SS 2004)


20.09.2004 at 10:00 in Hoersaal I, Buildung 45.

When and Where:

Compact lecture, from 20.09.2004 - 01.10.2004, Building 45, Hoersaal I.
Please note that the lectures on 29.09. (9:00-12:00) and 01.10. (09:00-12:00, 14:30-15:30)
will take place at the MPI, Room 24.


Bachelor/Vordiplom in computer science is recommended.




exercise1, exercise2, exercise3, exercise4, exercise5, exercise6, exercise7, exercise8


With more than 35 points you get the certificate at MPI, 6th floor, room 602. Here are the actual results.


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No examination, no mark, certifacate of completion in case of successful preparation of the exercises (>66%).