Geometric complexity theory 2

Prof. Dr. Markus Bläser, Dr. Christian Ikenmeyer


Course description

Geometric complexity theory is an ambitious program initiated in 2001 by Mulmuley and Sohoni towards solving the famous P vs NP problem. The idea is to use algebraic geometry and representation theory to prove complexity lower bounds for explicit problems. There has been a significant amount of research activity in this direction during the last few years and connections to tensor rank and matrix multiplication have been drawn.

In this course we discuss recent topics in geometric complexity theory.

Time and date

Winter semester 2017/2018,




There will be oral exams at the end of the semenster (several dates are available).


There will be weekly assignments. You need to obtain half of the points to be admitted to the exam.


In lecture 1 we covered material from [ link ], Section 3.
In lecture 2 we covered material from [ link ], Sections 1-3.
In lecture 3 we covered material from [ link ], Sections 4-6.
Lecture notes for lectures 4 and 5 (Landsberg-Ottaviani-equations) are here: [ link ]. They are based on the paper [ link ].
Lecture notes on GCT and symmetries: [ link ].
Lecture notes on determinantal complexity: [ link ], see also Landsberg's lecture notes [ link ].

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