Logic (Summer 2012)

Lecturer:   Dr. Danny Hermelin

Assistant: Sofa Kamenkovich

Time: Monday, 13-17 and Wednesday, 9-13

Rooms: 570 (Monday) and 402 (Wednesday) education building

Content: This is a first course in logic for computer scientists. The general topics are propositional calculus and predicate calculus, with some discussion regarding computational aspects of these two calculi. The lectures are given in Hebrew.

Lecture details:
Title Details Lecture Exercise
Formal Languages and Systems Motivations, brief historic account, formal languages, structural induction, formal systems. [pdf] [pdf]
Propositional Calculus Syntax, models and satisfiability, semantic deduction, normal forms. [pdf] [pdf]
Proofs in Propositional Calculus Syntactic deduction, deduction theorem, consistency, proof by contradiction theorem, soundness. [pdf] [pdf]
Completeness of Propositional Calculus Maximal consistency, completeness theorem. [pdf] [pdf]
Compactness of Propositional Calculus The compactness theorem, definability, coloring infinite graphs. [pdf] [pdf]
Predicate Calculus Syntax, models and satisfiability, normal forms. [pdf] [pdf]
Proofs in Predicate Calculus Axioms, syntactic deduction, generalization theorem, soundness. [pdf] [pdf]
Completeness of Predicate Calculus Closed and complete consistent sets, completeness theorem. [pdf] [pdf]
Compactness of Predicate Calculus Löwenheim-Skolem special case, definability, second order logic. [pdf]