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Thomas Hillenbrand

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Decision Procedures for Logical Theories

Seminar Winter 2001/02

Harald Ganzinger | Uwe Waldmann | Thomas Hillenbrand

General logical formalisms such as predicate logic, set theory, or number theory are undecidable or even not recursively enumerable. However, such generality is not needed in all applications: Important special cases such as the theory of integers with addition are decidable, as well as the theory of lists or of arrays. For computer-aided reasoning, it is vital to combine general deductive mechanisms like resolution with decision procedures for special structures in order to succeed in the respective application areas. Substantially more properties can then be proved automatically. Thus the practical applicability of corresponding tools (e.g. for verification) is improved considerably.

In the seminar fundamental methods for the construction of decision procedures have been discussed. One may distinguish semantical methods, quasi-semantical methods and proof-theoretical ones; a further source is automata theory. Finally, the question has been considered how and under which conditions such special procedures can be combined and integrated into more general ones.

Three seminar sessions have been held from December 01 until February 02. If you have further questions regarding the seminar, please contact Thomas Hillenbrand.

List of Topics

Abstract Congruence Closure | Superposition-Based Decision Procedures | Fischer-Ladner Closure | Ordered Resolution | Guarded Fragment | Automata Theory for Presburger Arithmetic | Rabin Automata | Finite Model Property | Combinations of Decision Procedures

Debapriyo Majumdar

Abstract Congruence Closure


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Yevgeny Kazakov

Superposition-Based Decision Procedures



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Harald Ganzinger

Fischer-Ladner Closure

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Atika Mustafa

Ordered Resolution



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Syed Fawad Mustafa

Guarded Fragment



  • H. Ganzinger and H. de Nivelle. A superposition decision procedure for the guarded fragment with equality. In Proceedings of the 14th IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science, pages 295-305. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1999.

Masood Obaid

Automata Theory for Presburger Arithmetic



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Hans de Nivelle

Rabin Automata

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Irena Galic

Finite Model Property


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Viorica Sofronie-Stokkermans

Combinations of Decision Procedures



  • G. Nelson and D.C. Oppen. Simplification by cooperating decision procedures. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, 1(2):243-257, 1979.
  • F. Baader and K.U. Schulz. Unification in the union of disjoint equational theories: combining decision procedures. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 21(2):211-243, 1996.


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