Computational Topology (Seminar)

In very general terms topology is concerned with the connectivity of spaces. Analyzing their connectivity allows to classify shapes and often also (by including some geometry) to identify interesting features. Classifiers are topological invariants like Betti numbers, homology and cohomology groups. We will discuss how to compute such invariants and look at examples and applications from solid- and bio-geometric modeling and also from machine learning.

When and where

Wednesdays from 9.15am to 11am, MPI building room 023


Joachim Giesen and Michael Sagraloff.


You get a good about the content of the seminar from the book: Afra Zomorodian, Topology for Computing, Cambridge Monographs on Applied and Computational Mathematics (2005). See also Afra's thesis.

We will provide and discuss other papers in our first meeting.


16.10.2006: The first seminar will take place on Wednesday Oct. 25. At our first meeting we will give a short introduction in topology and why and how it can be helpful in solid and bio-geometric modeling and learning. We also will present papers suited for presenatation.

23.10.2006: Here are the topics we propose for the seminar. We roughly divided the seminar in three parts.

Filtration of Complexes.

Homology and persistence. Applications.

28.10.2006: Note the change of time. The seminar now takes place in the morning.

5.11.2006: Here is the schedule. We tried to respect your preferences whenver possible.