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The objects have been collected from various sources and I use them (to the best of my knowledge) with the permission of the respective copyright owners (please notify me if I am wrong). I document the copyright owners, original sources and other facts of possible interest in the accompanying *.txt files. Please respect the copyright and other informations given in these files.

See also the CGAL Workpackage 4, Report 2, Fall 1997, Chapter 2, available from the CGAL consortium for more example objects for visualization and simulatiom (with web references).

For download, you can also just browse the models/ directory.

Projects Using the 3D Example Objects

File Formats

Format Description
OFF Geometry description (one of) used by Geomview, basically a facet index list.

Non-Manifold Objects

The usual polygon soup, sometimes with a bit of meaningful incidence relations.

Image Model Format #V #F Description OFF 1976 3752 Utah teapot, triangulated mesh. OFF 32328 67240 Nice and large model. (happy_vrip_res3.txt) OFF 7108 15536 Smaller approximation of (happy_vrip_res4.txt)

2-Manifold Objects

Except if otherwise mentioned, all objects are orientable and oriented 2-manifolds. Objects with border edges have an identifying comment. Objects can consist of multiple connected-components. Objects can have self-intersections, which will be mentioned in the comment (if known).

Image Model Format #V #E #F Description OFF 2560 5120 2562 Homeomorph to a sphere. Mostly quadrangles, vertex degree 4. (hammerhead.txt) OFF 2560 7674 5116 Same model as, but triangulated and scaled. (hammerhead_triang.txt) OFF 226 464 240 From the Geomview distribution. (mushroom.txt) OFF 226 672 448 Same model as, but triangulated and scaled. (mushroom_triang.txt) OFF 2655 5461 2812 (beethoven.txt) OFF 1487 3106 1618 (head.txt) OFF 11361 25858 14725 (general.txt) OFF 7106 6791 13875 (83_honda_atc.txt) OFF       (powerlns.txt) OFF       (skyscrpr.txt) OFF       (pagota.txt) OFF       (epcot1.txt) OFF       (epcot2.txt) OFF       (epcot3.txt) OFF       (bunny.txt) OFF       (distcup.txt) OFF       (fandisk.txt) OFF       (fandisk.nsub2.0.txt) OFF       (fandisk.opt.txt) OFF       (herz.wolfers.txt) OFF       (lunge.wolfers.txt) OFF       (becken.wolfers.txt) OFF       (mol1.txt) OFF       (mol2.txt) OFF       (hypersheet.txt) OFF       (tre_twist.txt) OFF 437645   871414 Nice and huge object. Facet of zero area. (might not be a manifold after cleanup) (dragon_vrip.txt)

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