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Miettinen, Pauli

Pauli Miettinen

Professor of Data Science
University of Eastern Finland
School of Computing
Microkatu 1
FI-70210 Kuopio

Email: Get my email address via email
Phone: +358 2 9445 3410
Fax: +358 2 9445 7318
Homepage: https://cs.uef.fi/~pauli/

Who am I

I am a Professor of Data Science at University of Eastern Finland. Before that, I was a senior researcher and head of the area Data Mining at Databases and Information Systems department. I am also an Adjunct Professor (docent) of computer science at University of Helsinki.

What's new

Research Interests

My main research interest is in Algorithmic Data Analysis. In particular, I am interested in applying matrix and tensor factorizations over non-standard algebras – for example, Boolean or Tropical algebras – to data mining problems. Modelling data mining problems, such as subgraph discovery, as matrix factorization problems allows us to utilize existing work from these seemingly unrelated fields and gives novel insights when developing new methods.

My other main brach of research is in redescription mining. I am particularly interested on the applications of redescription mining to other fields of science, such as biology, material sciences, and political science. Increasing the applicability of redescription mining or matrix and tensor methods requires advances in interactive and visual data mining; my research on interaction and visualisation naturally connects to the above topics.


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Previous teaching

The list of courses I have teached in University of Helsinki can be found here.

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Other Academic Activity

I am an Action Editor for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (Springer).

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I have reviewed articles for the following conferences

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