Geometric Modeling Summer Semester 2015


General Information

Saarland University

Geometric Modeling

Lecture with tutorials, 85937


Instructors: Hans-Peter Seidel, Rhaleb Zayer

Tutors: Christian Schulz, Silke Jansen




                 Time:         Tuesdays & Thursdays    14:15 - 15:45

               Location: E1.4 Room 024 (MPII-Building)


                  Time:        Wednesdays 12:15 - 13:45

                  Location: E1.4 Room 021 (MPII-Building)

Credit Points: 9

Office hours: Appointments can be coordinated via e-mail

Class materials: Available for download. The username and password will be provided in the lecture. Lecture slides will be available immediately after the lecture.





- Re-Exam: As announced in the last lecture, the date and location are:

Thursday, October 08th, 2015, 14:00 – 16:00.

Lecture hall 001, Building E1 3 (Geb. E1 3, HS001).


-June 10th: Typo in Homework 7.

        -In 7.2.a,   should be replaced by .


-Mai 26th:

-Final Exam date and location: August 4th, 14:00 – 16:00. Lecture hall 001, Building E1 3 (Geb. E1 3, HS001).

-Exam registration is possible until May 27th, 2015.


-Mai 8th: Change of room for Mai 12th:

 Due to the MPII Advisory board visit, the Tuesday lecture for Mai 12th will be held at lecture hall 001in the E1 3 (Computer science department).


-Mai 4th: As announced in the lecture, the first tutorial session will be exceptionally shifted to Wednesday, Mai 6th, Room 021 (MPII-Building), starting 12:30.


-April 16th: First lecture will be given on April 21st.

This page will be regularly updated during the semester.




Please note that you need to sign up with us, and with HISPOS separately. The information is not passed automatically (either way).

To register with us, please send an email to  Christian Schulz within the first two weeks of the lecture.  

Include: Name, student number, your email, “Studienordnung”




Recent progress in Geometric Modeling has been stimulated by numerous applications in engineering and multimedia. The purpose of the course is to give an introduction to classical and modern mathematical techniques employed in Geometric Modeling and to demonstrate how these techniques are useful for the design and manufacture of engineering objects of high quality, entertainment and multimedia applications. The course will also serve as a starting point for those students who wish to use Geometric Modeling concepts and ideas in their own research. Topics to be covered include shape interpolation and approximation with piecewise polynomial curves and surfaces, mesh processing, and multiresolution modeling.

Course topics:










GeoX is our programing framework for the practical tutorials. The software is open source (GPL2).

Download the sources including an introduction to the GeoX framework.


Expected Work


The course is suitable for MS students. Familiarity with basic computer graphics (or motivation to quickly learn them) is desirable. Assessment will be based on weekly assignments and a written exam at the end of the semester.


To be admitted to the exam, you need to have

·         Turned in 100% of all homework assignments. Yes, you need to work on all assignments.

·         Received at least 50% of all homework points

Written Exam

·         Exam date and location will be announced on due time

Written Re-Exam

·         Exam date and location will be announced on due time





Main textbooks, on shelf in the CS-library ("Semesterapparat")

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