Surround Vision

3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes

Investigators : Christian Theobalt, Ming Li, Bastian Goldücke, Pascal Schüler
Supervisors : Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Seidel, Dr. Marcus Magnor

In this project, methods for the 3D reconstruction of dynamic scenes are investigated. Currently, our research includes volumetric as well as polygonal approaches. Synchronized multi-view video streams recorded within our acquisition room serve as inputs to the algorithms. In our research we focus on robust scene reconstruction, efficient free-viewpoint rendering and compact encoding of the scene representations. Furthermore, the application of the 3D reconstruction methods for free-viewpoint video are examined.

Some results obtained with a volumetric reconstruction approach for a dynamic scene are shown in Figure 1.

Figure: 1: Snapshots from video sequence showing a volumetric reconstruction of a scene showing a moving person. The viewpoint was chosen freely during rendering.

An example video sequence of an interactive flythrough showing a reconstructed dynamice scene from arbitrary viewpoints can be downloaded here (ca. 11 MB).

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