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Vorlesungsverzeichnis der AG1 Building 46.1

To register please send EMail to
U. Meyer or P. Sanders .

Seminar on ``Parallel and External Memory Graph Algorithms'' - SS 2003


Dr. Ulrich Meyer

Building 46 (MPII), Room 325
Priv.Doz. Dr. Peter Sanders
Building 46 (MPII), Room 308

Time and place

First, preparatory meeting :
April 24, 2003 at 13:30 in room 024 MPI (Building 46) Room might change!.
First talk:
???, 2003 at ??? in room ???.
Last talk: ???, 2003 at ??? in room ???.

About the seminar

This is a 9 points (9 LP) seminar. The students will present chapters from the textbooks or recent research papers, click here for a preliminary reference.

Everybody is expected to give a very well accessible (!) presentation of the topic assigned to him/her (blackboard or slides, though we recommend the latter). Furthermore the presenter has to prepare exercises for his topic, which the other participants have to solve till the next meeting (mandatory !). Before the next presentation is given, the solutions of the other participants are collected and the presenter goes through the exercises and explains the correct solutions. She also has to correct and grade the submitted exercises and hand them over to the instructors.
We also expect the presenter to have the slides of his talk ready one week before the scheduled presentation and show them to one of the instructors.


The final grade is determined by the participants' presentation (50 %), his choice of exercises and the tutorial on her topic (30%), and his solutions for the exercises handed out by the other participants (20%).

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