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Dr. Christos D. Zaroliagis




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Dr. Christos D. Zaroliagis
Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
Im Stadtwald, 66123 Saarbrücken

Email: zaro@mpi-sb.mpg.de
Tel : +49-681-9325 116
Fax : +49-681-9325 199
Room : 316


Mozartstraße 15
66111 Saarbrücken

Tel : +49-681-3906477

Short CV

I was born in Athens on January 31st, 1963. My hometown, Keratea, is a small town of Attica 40km southeast of Athens and belongs to an area which is known for its "retsina"-wine production.
I received my Diploma from the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics (CEI) of Patras University in 1985. From 1985 until 1987 I worked at the Computer Technology Institute (CTI, Patras) on the design of database systems for programming environments.
It was Paul Spirakis who, at the end of 1987, showed to me the attractions (and importance) of theoretical computer science. Consequently, in the beginning of the next year (1988), I started my Ph.D with him in the CEI Department of Patras University. The topic of my thesis was the design of parallel algorithms for graph problems (both in a deterministic and probabilistic setting). I received my Ph.D on May 1991. Thanks to a fellowship from CTI and the ESPRIT project ALCOM, I was not starving during that period.
In Greece, the country from which democracy originates, only men are obliged to join the army. So, from September 1991 until April 1993, I served my military duty in the Greek army. (During that period I was not starving due to my wife.)
Since December 1993, I am with the MPI für Informatik.
Hobbies: literature, playing my guitar, traveling and sports (in particular watching them on TV).
I especially appreciate good friends, nice food and wine, and german beer.


Research Interests