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Mohamed Elgharib

Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
Department 4: Computer Graphics
 office: Campus E1 4, Room 218
Saarland Informatics Campus
66123 Saarbrücken
 email: Get my email address via email
 phone: +49 681 9325-4018
 fax: +49 681 9325-4099

NEW: Master Thesis, Research Immersion Lab (RIL) and HiWi Topics Available!

  • Please send me an email if you are interested in a Master thesis, research immersion lab (RIL) or a HiWi position.

Research Interests

    NEW: More information about our seminar in SS'20 can be found here
My work designs methods for visual content digitization with applications in VR/AR and video post-production. Human faces are of a particular interest to me, including their modeling, reconstruction and rendering. I am also interested in novel methods for utilizing motion with applications in computational videography, video post-production and video analysis. My work tackes problems through data-driven fromulations and Bayesian inference. Topics of interests include:  
  • Photorealistic rendering
  • 3D scene modeling and reconstruction
  • Deep generative models
  • Motion utilization
  • Inverse rendering


    Neural Voice Puppetry: Audio-driven Facial Reenactment
    J. Thies, M. Elgharib, A. Tewari, C. Theobalt and M. Niessner
    Accepted to Europan Confence on Computer Vision (ECCV 2020)
    [Manuscript], [Project page], [Demo], [Source code]

    Self-supervised Outdoor Scene Relighting
    Y. Yu, A. Meka, M. Elgharib, H.P. Seidel, C. Theobalt and W. Smith
    Accepted to Europan Confence on Computer Vision (ECCV 2020)
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    XNect: Real-time Multi-person 3D Motion Capture with a Single RGB Camera
    D. Mehta, O. Sotnychenko, F. Mueller, W. Xu, M. Elgharib, P. Fua, H.P. Seidel, H. Rhodin, G. Pons-Moll and C. Theobalt
    ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2020)
    [Manuscript], [Project page], [Demo@CVPR19], [SelecSLS-Pytorch]

    StyleRig: Rigging StyleGAN for 3D Control over Portrait Images
    A. Tewari, M. Elgharib, G. Bharaj, F. Bernard, H-P. Seidel, P. Perez, M. Zollhöfer and C.Theobalt
    Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2020 (CVPR) - Oral
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    Neural Style-Preserving Visual Dubbing
    H. Kim, M. Elgharib, M. Zollhofer, Thabo Beeler, H.P. Seidel, C. Richardt and C. Theobalt.
    ACM Transacations on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH - Asia 2019)
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    FML: Face Model Learning
    A. Tewari, F. Bernard, P. Garrido, G. Bharaj, M. Elgharib, H.P. Seidel, P. Perez, M. Zollhofer and C. Theobalt.
    Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2019 (CVPR) - Oral
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    On Learning Associations of Faces and Voices
    C. Kim, H. V. Shin, T. H. Oh, A. Kaspar, M. Elgharib, and W. Matusik.
    In Asian Conference on Computer Vision 2018 (ACCV)
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    Learning-based Video Motion Magnification
    T. H. Oh*, R. Jaroensri*, C. Kim, M. Elgharib, F. Durand, W. T. Freeman, and W. Matusik. *indicates equal contributions
    European Conference on Computer Vision 2018 (ECCV) - Oral
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    A Dataset of Flash and Ambient Illumination Pairs from the Crowd
    Y. Aksoy, C. Kim, P. Kellnhofer, S. Paris, M. Elgharib, M. Pollefeys, and W. Matusik.
    European Conference on Computer Vision 2018 (ECCV)
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    Crowd-Guided Ensembles. How Can We Choreograph Crowd Workers for Video Segmentation?
    A. Kasper, G. Patterson, C. Kim, Y. Aksoy, W. Matusik, and M. Elgharib.
    ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2018 (CHI) - Oral
    [Manuscript], [Video teaser], [Project page]

    Video reflection removal through spatio-temporal optimization
    A. Nandoriya*, M. Elgharib*, C. Kim, M. Hefeeda, and W. Matusik. *indicates equal contrbutions.
    International Conference on Computer Vision 2017 (ICCV)
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    Sports VR Content Generation from Regular Camera Feeds
    K. Calagari, M. Elgharib, S. Shirmohammadi, and M. Hefeeda.
    ACM Multimedia 2017 (ACM MM) - Full Paper
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    Data Driven 2-D to 3-D Video Conversion for Soccer
    K. Calagari, M. Elgharib, P. Didyk, A. Kaspar, W. Matusik, and M. Hefeeda.
    IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 2017 (TMM)
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    Painting Style Transfer for Head Portraits using Convolutional Neural Networks
    A. Selim*, M. Elgharib*, and L. Doyle. *joint first author, sorted alphabetically
    ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2016)
    Selected as the proceedings back-cover!
    [Manuscript], [Video teaser], [Project page]

    Gradient-based 2-D to 3-D conversion for Soccer Videos
    K. Calagari,M. Elgharib, P. Didyk, A. Kaspar, W. Matusik, and M. Hefeeda.
    ACM Multimedia 2015 (ACM MM) - Oral
    Selected as MIT home-page!
    [Manuscript], [MIT main page], [Project page]

    Video Magnification in Presence of Large Motions
    M. Elgharib, M. Hefeeda, F. Durand and W. T. Freeman.
    Computer Vision and Pattern Recongition 2015 (CVPR)
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    Retrieval in Long Surveillance Videos using User Described Motion and Object Attributes
    G. Castanon, M. Elgharib, P.M. Jodoin and V. Saligrama.
    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 26:12, Dec. 2016 (accepted Aug. 2015) (TCSVT)
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    Blotch and scratch removal in archived film using a semi-transparent corruption model and a ground-truth generation technique
    M. Elgharib, F. Pitie, and Anil Kokaram.
    EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing 2013:33 (EURASIP)
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    Motion Estimation for Regions of Reflections through Layer Separation
    M. Elgharib, F. Pitie, and Anil Kokaram.
    ACM SIGGRAPH European Conference on Visual Media Production 2011 (CVMP) - Oral
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    Reflection Detection in Image Sequences
    M. Elgharib, F. Pitie, and Anil Kokaram.
    Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2011 (CVPR)
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

    Extraction of Non-binary Blotch Mattes
    M. Elgharib, F. Pitie, and Anil Kokaram.
    International Conference on Image Processing 2009 (ICIP)
    [Manuscript], [Project page]

Technical Reports

  • A. Hassanein, M. Elgharib, A. Selim, S. Bae, M. Hefeeda and W. Matusik, Large-scale, Fast and Accurate Shot Boundary Detection through Spatio-temporal Convolutional Neural Networks, 2017. [Project page] [Dataset and models]
  • M. Elgharib, Z. Wu, R. Radke and V. Saligarama, Distributed Video Analytics and Anomaly Detection, 2014.
  • Previous Positions

  • November 2016 - July 2018: Scientist, Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI).
    • Supervising and leading a QCRI-MIT joint project. The team included 4 research assistants at one point!
  • October 2013 - November 2016: Post-doc, Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI).
    • Working closely with MIT on a number of projects.
  • January 2012 - October 2013: Post-doc, Boston Unversity.
    • Developing reliable and efficient video search techniques for surveillance footage captured in harsh conditions.
  • Education

  • 2012: PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland - Full paid non-EU scholarship from IRCSET.
  • 2008: B.A.I in Electrical and Computer Engineering, at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland - Gold Medalist.
  • MISC

  • Links: My Google Scholar, Youtube Channel, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.
  • Hobbies: I enjoy travelling, sightseeing, walking, hiking, nature, watching documentaries and catching up with friends!