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Job Openings in Karl Bringmann's Group

PhD and Postdoc Positions

The research group Algorithms & Complexity is led by Professor Karl Bringmann at Saarland University and affiliated to Max Planck Institute for Informatics. The group is known for developing fine-grained complexity theory, the area of theoretical computer science that proves conditional lower bounds based on conjectures such as the Strong Exponential Time Hypothesis. The group is both designing new efficient algorithms and establishing their optimality by conditional lower bounds, thus arriving at "best-possible" algorithms for problems from various application areas such as: discrete optimization, string algorithms, computational geometry, sublinear algorithms, graph algorithms, database theory, algorithm engineering, and algorithmic foundations of machine learning. The research group is partially funded by an ongoing ERC Starting Grant awarded to Karl Bringmann. It is located on Saarland Informatics Campus, which is a vivid environment hosting several renowned algorithms researchers including Danupon Nanongkai, Daniel Marx, Kurt Mehlhorn, and Raimund Seidel.

For postdocs we are interested in candidates who either bring some knowledge in fine-grained complexity theory, or bring expertise in any of the application areas listed above and want to explore the use of fine-grained complexity in their area of expertise. For PhD students we are looking for candidates with a strong algorithms background; knowledge in fine-grained complexity (as is taught by us in the corresponding lecture) is a plus but not a must.

If you are interested, please contact me via <mylastname>