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Rigging and skinning clothed human avatars is a chal- lenging task and traditionally requires a lot of manual work and expertise. Recent methods addressing it either general- ize across different characters or focus on capturing the dy- namics of a single character observed under different pose configurations. However, the former methods typically pre- dict solely static skinning weights, which perform poorly for highly articulated poses, and the latter ones either re- quire dense 3D character scans in different poses or can- not generate an explicit mesh with vertex correspondence over time. To address these challenges, we propose a fully automated approach for creating a fully rigged character with pose-dependent skinning weights, which can be solely learned from multi-view video. Therefore, we first acquire a rigged template, which is then statically skinned. Next, a coordinate-based MLP learns a skinning weights field pa- rameterized over the position in a canonical pose space and the respective pose. Moreover, we introduce our pose- and view-dependent appearance field allowing us to differen- tiably render and supervise the posed mesh using multi-view imagery. We show that our approach outperforms state-of- the-art while not relying on dense 4D scans.


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      title={VINECS: Video-based Neural Character Skinning}, 
      author={Zhouyingcheng Liao and Vladislav Golyanik and Marc Habermann and Christian Theobalt},


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