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C. Theobalt, E. de Aguiar, C. Stoll, H-P. Seidel, S. Thrun, Performance Capture from Multi-view Video, in Image and Geometry Procesing for 3D-Cinematography, R. Ronfard and G. Taubin (Eds.), ISBN 978-3-642-12391-7, Springer, 2010.

C. Theobalt, E. de Aguiar, M. Magnor, H.-P. Seidel. Reconstructing human shape, motion and appearance from multi-view video, in Three-dimensional Television, H. Ozaktas, L. Onural (Eds.), ISBN-978-3-540-72531-2, Springer, 2008.

C. Theobalt, M. Magnor, H.-P. Seidel, Video-based Capturing and Rendering of People, chapter in book Human Motion - Understanding, Modeling, Capture and Animation, B. Rosenhahn, R. Klette, D. Metaxas (Eds.), ISBN 978-1402066924, Springer, 2008.

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